Exhibitions, Events and Publications



“Queeries into Art History: Whose Art is Remembered and Who is Left Behind”. OCAD U, Toronto. Lecture.

Whose Art Counts. OCADU, Emily Norry, Toronto, ON, Canada.


Queeries into History: The Love of Loring and Wyle. Xpace Cultural Centre, Emily Gove, Toronto, ON, Canada.

Queer Landscapes, Queer Intersections.  John B. Aird Gallery, OPS Pride Network, Toronto, ON, Canada.

 OCAD U Graduate Exhibition 102. OCAD U, Toronto, ON, Canada.

Our Future Is Queer: A Sci-Fi Fantasy Exhibition. Multi-Faith Centre University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada.

Festival of the Body. OCADU, Natalie Waldburger, Toronto, ON, Canada.


Project 17. OCADU DRPT Catalogue. Toronto ON, Canada. Print.

Awards and Residencies:

 Graduate Residency,  Xpace Cultural Centre and Akin Collective

 Donna McLean Award, OCAD  University




Aro/Ace Comic Space. OCADU, Emily Norry, Toronto, ON, Canada.

“Whose Art Counts.” The Conversationalists III. Scrap Metal Gallery, Toronto. Lecture.

"What You Didn’t Learn in Art History." Art & Design Social Justice Exchange. OCADU, Toronto. Lecture.Like Us Second Annual


Fake Geek Girls Group Exhibition. Annex Art Centre, Caitlynn Fairbarns, Toronto, ON, Canada.

2016- Onsite/Involve: Cheryl Pope & OCAD U Student Exhibitions. OCADU, Wrik Mead, Toronto, ON, Canada.


“Searching For Reflections of Oneself.” Canada: An Alternative History. Toronto: BookPOD, 2016. 14-15. Print.

“Double Vision: The Multiplicities of Frida Kahlo.” Shorts: Writings on Feminisms in Art. Sears-Williams, Morgan. Toronto: Self-Published , 2016. 17-21 Print.




“What You Didn’t Learn in Art History.” OCADU, Toronto. Lecture.


Endeavor. Art Square Gallery, Sydney Morrison, Toronto, ON, Canada.

Fake Geek Girls Like Us: Pop Up Event. Annex  Art Centre, Caitlynn Fairbarns, Toronto, ON, Canada.